Faculty & Staff

Nir Eisikovits, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Director of the Applied Ethics Center (Ethics of War, Political Philosophy)


Areas of Expertise

Transitional Justice and Post War Reconstruction, Ethics of War, International Relations Theory



Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Nir Eisikovits is an associate professor of philosophy and founding director of the Applied Ethics Center. Before coming to UMass Boston he was associate professor of legal and political philosophy at Suffolk University, where he co-founded and directed the Graduate Program in Ethics and Public Policy. Professor Eisikovits's research focuses on the moral and political dilemmas arising after war. He is author of A Theory of Truces (Palgrave MacMillan) and Sympathizing with the Enemy: Reconciliation, Transitional Justice, Negotiation (Brill) and co-editor of Theorizing Transitional Justice (Routledge). He is also guest editor for a recent issue of Theoria on The Idea of Peace in the Age of Asymmetrical Warfare. Eisikovits has written numerous articles on political reconciliation, transitional justice, the role of forgiveness in politics, truth commissions, and the ethics of war. An Israeli attorney, Eisikovits earned his PhD from Boston University in 2005. In addition to his scholarly work, he advises several NGOs focused on conflict resolution and comments frequently on the Middle East conflict for American newspapers and magazines. His op-eds and essays have appeared in the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor, the Miami Herald, the National Interest, the Forward, and Cognoscenti, among others.