Faculty & Staff

Patricia Raub, PhD

Lecturer in American Studies, College of Liberal Arts


Areas of Expertise

History of U.S. Documentary Photography, U.S. Travel and Tourism


PhD Bowling Green University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Teaching and Research Interests:

Professor Raub teaches a variety of American Studies courses, both on campus and online.  Her teaching and research interests center upon topics relating to popular literature, documentary photography and social history.

For the past decade, she has helped spearhead an effort to keep all nine branches of the Providence public library system open.  She assisted in the formation of a new nonprofit organization, the Providence Community Library, that has taken over the operation of all of the neighborhood libraries.  She has recently begun to research the early years of urban libraries and the transformation and integration of small libraries maintained by local neighborhood organizations into municipal libraries at the turn of the last century.

Current Research Interest

She is researching the development of the State of Rhode Island's promotion of tourism since the establishment of a state Bureau of Information in the late 1920s.  She reported upon her preliminary findings at the fall 2014 Northeast Popular/American Culture Association Conference in a presentation entitled "Promoting Rhode Island, 1930-2014."

Courses Taught:

AMST 110 G  US Society and Culture since 1945
AMST 101 Popular Culture in America
AMST 203 The Thirties
AMST 210 American Society and Culture 1600-1860
AMST 211 US Society and Culture 1860-1940
AMST 215 America on Film
AMST 250  US Travel and Tourism
AMST 278L  US Documentary Photography
AMST 375 Best Sellers in American Society