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Paul Bookbinder, PhD

Associate Professor of History, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Paul Bookbinder

Areas of Expertise

Professor Bookbinder’s research interests are in the history of political violence and terrorism. He teaches courses in German history, with special emphasis on the Weimar and Hitler eras.


PhD, Brandeis University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Paul Bookbinder is a historian who teaches and writes about Weimar Germany, Nazi Germany, post WII Germany, the Holocaust, and terrorism.

Among his publications are:

“Our Enemies Have No Rights: Carl Schmitt and the Two-Tiered System of Justice’ in Nazism and the Law, Lorenz Reibling ed. Bloomsbury Press, forthcoming

“Everyone’s Not Here: Families of the Armenian Genocide” in John Michalczyk (ed.) Through a Lens Darkly: films of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Atrocities, New York, Peter Lang, 2013

Weimar Germany: The Republic of the Reasonable Manchester University Press: Manchester, England, 1996

“Wie es eigentlich gewesen” or manufactured history: Germans and Japanese confront their WWII era history”, The Journal of the Historical Society, Winter 2010

“Reborn Jews, A New Jewish Community in Germany,” The Journal of the Historical Society, Volume 8, No.4, Winter 2008, 503-525

“Ethnic Cleansing in Yugoslavia during WWII,” New England Journal of Public Policy, Winter 2005, Volume Two., 99-111.

“ Confronting Resistance in Nazi Germany: An Overview” 5-11 and “The Nazis Must Go, The Tyrant Must Die-1938” 81-105 in,” John Michalczyk (ed.) Confront! Resistance in Nazi Germany, New York: Sheed and Ward, 2003

"Carl Schmitt and Der Leviathan," International Social Science Review, 1991

"Hermann Heller vs. Carl Schmitt: The Struggle of Parliamentary Democracy vs. Totalitarian Dictatorship during the Weimar Years," International Social Science Review, 1987

"Terrorism: Left and Right," Present Tense, vol. 13, no. 3, 1986

"The Future of German Terrorism," Terrorism, Violence, Insurgency Journal, 4.3, 1984

As a public historian he has spoken and participated in workshops for the Facing History and Ourselves educational foundation as well as doing an online module on the Weimar Republic and video introductions for the chapters in their forthcoming revision of their major source book. He has also done staff training at the United States Holocaust Museum and most recently a video project for the Texas Human Rights and Holocaust Commission secondary school curriculum.

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