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Philip Kretsedemas, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Philip Kretsedemas

Areas of Expertise

Immigration and Refugee Policy, Race/Ethnicity Studies, Social Theory


PhD, University of Minnesota

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Current Research

Philip Kretsedemas's current research is focused on histories of case law that have shaped immigration and refugee policy both in the US and internationally.  His most recent published study on this subject (in Immigration Policy in the Age of Punishment) examines two hundred years of US Supreme Court decisions that have shaped the scope and limits of local immigration law making.  He is currently undertaking a study that uses case law on refugee/asylum decisions to examine how normative constructions of democratic political value and community are used to shape definitions of “intolerable violence”—and also looks at how this relationship between democratic political culture and thresholds of violence has changed overtime and has varied in application to different kinds of asylum seekers and social issues (including but not limited to ethnic-national persecution and gender violence).