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Philip Kretsedemas, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts


photo of Philip Kretsedemas

Areas of Expertise

Immigration, Critical Race Theory, Welfare and Immigration Policy, Social Theory


PhD, University of Minnesota

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Current Research

Philip Kretsedemas's research and writing has examined the dynamics of immigrant racialization, policy outcomes for immigrant populations and the regulation of migrant flows by the state. His earliest work on these topics examined the impact of welfare reform for immigrant populations in the U.S. In recent years, his work on state policy, race, and immigration has become more focused on immigration enforcement. All of this work has been informed by a broad concern for examining how social and legal constructions of immigration, nativity, and illegality are being used to define the inner and outer spaces of contemporary society. His most recent writing is devoted to theorizing how immigration policy and practices have been used to construct these sorts of spaces (as in the book The Immigration Crucible.)