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Pratima Prasad, PhD

Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of French


photo of Pratima Prasad

Areas of Expertise

Colonialism, Romanticism, and nineteenth-century French and Francophone culture


PhD University of Pennsylvania

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Pratima Prasad is an Associate Professor of French and is currently serving as an Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts. She has published a book that investigates how French Romanticism was shaped by and contributed to colonial discourses of race. In addition, she has co-edited two books: the first explores the links between the novel and drama in nineteenth-century France; the second is a collection of essays on approaches to teaching George Sand’s Indiana. Her article-length writings address the works of Romantic writers, including George Sand, Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Claire de Duras, and Alphonse de Lamartine. She is currently working on a project that is tentatively entitled “The French Indian Ocean.”  The project is a study of the Indian Ocean as it has been imagined, mythologized, observed, and examined by French and francophone writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Professor Prasad has been teaching at the University of Massachusetts Boston since 2002. She has taught classes at all levels of the French program, including introductory and intermediate language courses, literary surveys, and seminars on nineteenth-century culture and French and francophone cinema.