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Sari Edelstein, PhD

Associate Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts


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Areas of Expertise

19th Century American Literature and Culture; Women Writers; History of Journalism; Age Studies; Print Culture Studies; Feminist and Queer Theory


MA, PhD Brandeis University
BA, Northwestern University

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Current Projects

My new book, "Adult Fictions: Age and Maturity in American Literature" (forthcoming Oxford UP), charts the emergence of age as a significant coordinate of identity over the course of the nineteenth century. It examines how a diverse array of writers, thinkers, and artists imagined chronological age as it became a disciplinary category, linked to gender and sexuality, and a demographic datapoint, tied to the bureaucratization of the life course. Moreover, this book reveals how the politics of maturity and age inflect and abet existing hierarchies of race, class, and ability as well as capitalist demands for productivity and self-sufficiency.

Co-Editor, “Critical Approaches to Age in American Literature.” Special issue. Studies in American Fiction (forthcoming 2019).

Courses Taught at UMass Boston


Engl 200: Introduction to Literary Studies

Engl 202: Six American Authors

Engl 408:American Romanticism

Engl 463: Adulting, or Coming-of-Age in Literature

Engl 372L: American Women Writers and Culture

Engl 379: Literature and Journalism



Engl 652: American Romanticism

Engl 606: Books, Manuscripts, Libraries

Professional Memberships

Moderator, Faculty Senate, College of Liberal Arts

Member, Advisory Board, Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT), Phillips Academy