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Yumiko Inukai, PhD

Associate Professor (Modern & Asian Philosophy)


photo of Yumiko Inukai

Areas of Expertise

Early modern philosophy (esp. Hume), William James, nature and phenomenology of the self


PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2005

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

My research has been focused on David Hume, in particular, his theory of mind and his account of the self. I have been working on questions about the nature and phenomenology of the self, exploring the empiricist accounts found in Hume and James as well as contemporary debates over the self and self-consciousness. I am also interested in a comparative study between “western” and “non-western” philosophical traditions, in which I particularly investigate the Buddhist conception and phenomenology of the self and their relation to two most practiced methods in Buddhism, the recitation of “Nembutsu” and sitting meditation.


Modern Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy


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