About the Department

History: it’s all about the present. Learning about people and cultures, and the debates and controversies of the past, helps us understand our world today. Courses in history teach us to think critically about complex issues, to understand how history is constructed, and to make convincing arguments. The study of history enriches your private life, prepares you to make wise choices in public life, and trains you for careers in law, politics, teaching, journalism, and many other careers that require reasoning and writing abilities.

In our undergraduate program, we offer courses on a wide array of regions and eras, many of which are designed to be accessible to students majoring in other fields but also interested in history. We have particular strengths in the history of the United States and Europe, and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and are actively engaged in seeking new faculty who will improve our ability to offer new courses; for more information, see our Undergraduate Programs pages. In our graduate program, we offer a Master’s degree largely based on classes in U.S. and European history, and culminating in a thesis or capstone paper. We also have a track focusing on Public History and another focusing on Archives; for more information see our Graduate Programs pages.