We strongly encourage all students interested in applying to the History MA program to contact the Graduate Program Director. Those interested in the Archives and Public History programs should contact the directors of those programs as well. We are happy to discuss our program with prospective students and help guide you through the application process.

As part of the application process, we also encourage applicants to contact members of our faculty whose research and teaching interests align with those of the applicant. Applicants may schedule a visit to campus with the Graduate Program Director. Visits to individual classes are also encouraged and should be coordinated with the course instructor.

Important Information for New England Residents: Students from the following states who enroll in the History MA Archives or Public History tracks may be eligible for a significant tuition discount through the New England Regional Student Program.

Please go here or contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Application Materials

We are looking for applicants who have demonstrated a distinguished level of academic achievement at the undergraduate level and who possess the academic potential to succeed at the graduate level. The Committee is looking for a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.00 and a minimum GPA in History classes of 3.33.  An undergraduate major in History is preferred, but not mandatory. The Graduate Committee will consider the applications of non-History undergraduate majors if they 1) have majored in a related academic discipline (such as Political Science or American Studies) and have taken some History courses at the undergraduate level; or 2) have worked in professional fields related to history, such as history education, archives, historic sites, libraries, or museums. 

Application Deadline

Applications for all tracks and programs are due January 15.

We encourage applicants to submit their completed applications as early in the process as possible. The History Graduate Committee makes its admissions decisions on a rolling basis and usually begins to evaluate applications in December. 

Application Procedures

All application materials should be submitted to Graduate Admissions, not to the History Department. For more information, you can contact Graduate Admissions at 617-287-6400. For complete information and instructions, visit the university's Graduate Admissions page.

Students who wish to apply for the Online MA program must specifically note their choice on their application. The admissions requirements and deadlines for the Online MA in History are identical to those of the regular MA program. For Fall 2016, the History Department will be admitting roughly 20 new students into the Online MA program. Those new students will be selected on a competitive basis. We limit the number of students in our Online MA program so that class sizes can remain small and all graduate students can receive individualized attention from our faculty.


Each year, the History Department offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships to both newly admitted and returning graduate students. The number of Assistantships varies from year to year. Our Assistantships are “half-time” assistantships. That means students are expected to work 9 hours per week for the academic year. As compensation, graduate assistants receive a bi-weekly stipend. For the 2015-16 school year, half-time assistants earn a stipend of $8,440. Graduate Assistants also receive a 100-percent tuition remission for the contract period and a 50-percent waiver of their Educational Operations Fee. There are, however, some remaining student fees that Assistants have to pay. If Assistants get their health insurance through the university, they will also receive a discount on their Health Insurance Premium.

Graduate Assistants are assigned to a faculty member at the beginning of the school year. Assistantships generally last for the entire school year. Assistants either work as teaching assistants or research assistants. Teaching assistants are assigned to professors who teach large lecture sections. These assistants will assist professors with grading and the general operation of the class. They may also be asked to do research work for their professor during their assistantship. Research assistants are usually assigned to faculty members to assist them with their research projects. Other assistants may be assigned to the Graduate Program Director, the Undergraduate Program Director, the Archives Director, the Public History Director, and the University Archives. Each year, one Graduate Assistant is assigned to assist the editors of the New England Quarterly, which is housed at UMass Boston. Online MA students and students in the Archives Certificate program are not eligible for Graduate Assistantships.

Applicants to the MA program do not need to specify their interest in an Assistantship. All students admitted to the MA program will be considered for an assistantship. Those admitted to the program will receive notification of an assistantship award after they have been formally accepted into the program.

Admissions-Related Websites

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For general information on graduate study, please see the Graduate Studies website