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Certificate in Archives

The Certificate in Archives provides hands-on, graduate-level training in the field, but does not qualify as an MA in history. The Certificate prepares students for careers as archivists and information managers of traditional, paper-based records as well as digital media. Students will discover the variety of skills necessary to work as an archivist in the digital era. Students may choose to specialize in one area including, but not limited to, archival processing, collection development, electronic records, or access and research services.

The Certificate in Archives is open only to those who have already earned, or are in the process of earning, a graduate degree in History or a related discipline. The Certificate supplements a related graduate degree for those interested in beginning a career as an archivist.

Certificate in Archives Requirements

Students earning a Certificate in Archives complete 15 credit hours. The following courses are required:

HIST 626: Introduction to Archives and Information Management
HIST 627: Archival Methods and Practices
HIST 630: Transforming Archives and History in the Digital Era
HIST 635: Internship in Archives and Information Management
Either HIST 620: Introduction to Public History and Popular Memory OR HIST 625: Interpreting History in Public: Approaches to Public History Practice


Those seeking admission to the UMass Boston History Certificate in Archives must apply to the graduate program of the History Department and meet the same standards as students admitted to the History MA program. 

Students already enrolled in the History MA program may add the Certificate in Archives to their course of study. They do not need to go through the regular admissions process. To add the Certificate, students must fill out the Graduate Student Additional Program Form and submit it to the Graduate Program Director for approval. This option is available to graduate students in the History and Public History tracks. Students in the Archives Track should not enroll in the Certificate program.

History MA students who are also seeking a Certificate in Archives may use up to one course to satisfy both the MA and Certificate requirements. That means that such students must complete a total of 42 credits to receive both the History MA and the Certificate in Archives. However, Public History students who are also seeking a Certificate in Archives must complete both HIST 698 Internship in Public History AND HIST 635 Internship in Archives and Information Management. Those students must complete two different internships to receive both the History MA in the Public History track and an Archives Certificate.

Students enrolled in other MA programs at UMass Boston should consult with the Director of Archives and Graduate Program Director.

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Archives, please contact:

Prof. Vincent Cannato
McCormack Hall 4-635