Online MA


  • The application deadline for the Online MA is Jan 15.

The Online Master of Arts in History offers a rigorous set of required and elective courses, along with supervised research and writing projects. Both demanding and flexible, the Online History MA is designed to appeal to students with a wide variety of interests and professional goals, including:

Unlike Online History MA programs offered at other universities, all of our online graduate courses are taught by tenure-stream faculty in the History Department. Courses in the Online History MA program follow the same set of requirements and guidelines as our face-to-face graduate courses. That means each course will average roughly 250-300 pages of reading per week and entail at least 25 pages of writing for the semester. Students accepted into the Online History MA will take all of their classes online.

Students who wish to apply for the Online MA program must specifically note their choice on their application. Admissions requirements and deadlines for the Online MA in History are identical to those of the regular MA program. See the Admissions page for more information about how to apply. In Fall 2017, the History Department will be admitting roughly 15-20 new students to the Online MA program. Those new students will be selected on a competitive basis. We limit the number of students in our Online MA program so that class sizes can remain small and all graduate students can receive individualized attention from our faculty.

The Online History MA degree is an extremely affordable option for a graduate degree. More information on current tuition and fees can be found here. For information on Financial Aid, click here. Unfortunately, the History Department does not offer Graduate Assistantships to Online MA students.

For more details about the program, please contact the Graduate Program Director: 

Vincent Cannato
McCormack Hall 4-635


The Online MA in History consists of 30 credits:

Online MA Course Offerings for Fall 2017

HIST 600: Research and Methods: Genealogy and Family History Julie Winch

HIST 641: Socialism: The International History of a Revolutionary Idea Spencer Di Scala

HIST 697: Special Topics: Islam and Historical Study Sana Haroon 

In this course we study the expression of Islamic religious values in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa since the eighteenth century. We will look at the interplay of politics and faith in the expression of ideas about community, orthodoxy, authority, heresy, jihad, state formation and law making over the last two hundred years. We will also pay close attention to women’s participation and the family, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism, food and music, mysticism, and migration in Muslim societies.

HIST 690: Thesis Preparation Olivia Weisser

In this class, students will learn the components of starting research on a Master’s Thesis. The class, traditionally titled “Thesis Prep” is not so much preparation for thesis, as a guide through the initial steps of starting research. By the end of the semester each student will have a completed thesis proposal. 

Previously Taught Online MA Courses

HIST 600 Research and Methods: Genealogy

HIST 682 The Progressive Era

HIST 681 WWI and the Middle East

HIST 605 Introduction to Early Modern European Historiography

HIST 642 Theory and Practice of European Fascism

HIST 644 Topics in the History of the American Revolution

HIST 663 History of New York City

HIST 685 Topics in Atlantic History