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Public History Track

Public historians study the way we remember and interpret the past. They use historical methodologies to preserve, collect, present, and interpret history with and for public audiences. Public historians work with historic landscapes, sites, parks and monuments; in museums and historic buildings; on film and the worldwide web; and with community groups and organizations, families, and institutions.

They also study public awareness and consciousness of the past and how various actors, including public intellectuals and public interest groups, seek to “raise” historical consciousness and nurture historical thinking.

Training in historical methodology is a crucial foundation for practicing public historians. That is reflected in the structure of our program—public history students earn an MA in History rather than a specialized MA in Public History. Public History students need to gain strong subject-area knowledge and research skills as well as an introduction to the theory and methods of public history. This model provides a cross-disciplinary approach that benefits professional training for public history students. 

The mission of UMass Boston’s Public History Track is:

Check out our Public History students’ online exhibition, “Uncovering Dorchester’s Industrial School for Girls.” 

To learn about what public historians at UMass Boston are up to, please visit: www.archivespublichistory.org

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