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History, BA

The History Department offers a flexible major that allows students to pursue their intellectual interests, while maintaining methodological rigor through History 101 and a lengthy research paper required via completing History 480, History 481, or History 490. The department also offers a minor that works well with any number of other majors.

Students majoring in History are required to take at least one course in each of the four following regions: Asia/Middle East, the Global South, Europe, and the United States. They are also required to take at least one pre-1800 course. We encourage students to try out several different regions and eras so they can pursue upper-level courses in the the issues that interest them most. Highly motivated students should consider taking at least one 400-level course before their senior year, and to discuss the possibility of an honors thesis with a faculty member they see as a possible honors advisor.

The department also makes a number of courses available during both summer sessions and winter term, to make moving toward meeting all department requirements for graduation more easily available for students with non-traditional schedules. Multiple courses are offered online as well, with the same goal in mind. Every student is assigned an advisor and is encouraged to come by any professor's office hours to discus their goals and how the department can help them meet these goals.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Understands the nature of change over time
  • Knows course content and can place it in historical context
  • Able to understand and think critically about source materials
  • Uses primary and secondary sources effectively in historical analysis
  • Cites sources accurately according to the conventions of the discipline (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Understands how scholars’ time and place influence how they ask questions or interpret past events
  • Writes and presents in a well-organized and clear manner​