CLA First

Joyce Morgan advises student in CLA First!

What is CLA First?

  • Full year success program for first-year students
  • A way to meet and connect with your peers
  • Opportunity for additional courses of your choice

What are the benefits?

  • a small and supportive learning community within the larger university
  • full-time advisors assigned to the program; our advising is intensive and ongoing throughout your first year
  • Start Smart! program designed to maximize your academic success and your UMass Boston experience 
  • strong connection to University resources for academics and co-curricular opportunities
  • your professors are committed faculty, who are interested in working with first-year students
  • students completing the program will fulfill the First Year Seminar requirement
  • working partnerships with other students across a range of courses

Who is eligible?

  • first time freshman and transfer students bringing in a low number of credits
  • any major in the College of Liberal Arts, including undecided students
  • must place into English 101 through assessment testing
  • students who are enrolled in the Honors Program should indicate that on the application, and schedule requirements can be discussed

How do I join?

  • Complete our interest form and send it to Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email about next steps.
  • If you have trouble with the online form, you can print out the Interest Form here

Students in the CLA First! Program








So I sent in my interest form.  Now what?

  •  If you have paid your new student deposit (contact Admissions for more information), you should sign up for Beacon Beginnings New Student Orientation.

    • This is also how you will sign up for a assessment tests!

  • We will check in with you via email and keep track of your assessment scores once you have taken the tests.

  • When you attend Orientation we will meet with you in group sessions and help you to sign up for CLA First! courses.

  • It will be that easy! We promise!

Get a running start on academic success. Join CLA First!

For more information call 617-287-5721 or email us at Read More 

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