Human Services, BA

Professor Joan Arches teaching a Human Services course at UMass Boston

Human Services Offers Career Potential

The human services field continues to be one of the fastest growing in Massachusetts and the nation. Human service providers work in diverse settings, from state agencies to substance-abuse programs to counseling and educational programs. Within these areas, human service workers carry out many different roles, from case management and intervention to program administration and development.

About the Human Services Major

Our human services major provides a theoretical framework for understanding the individual, the family, and the community; the interactions among them; and the systems that are set up to serve them. You will study human services using an ecological framework that envisions the individual in constant interaction with his or her environment, affecting and affected by institutions (families and organizations), the communities in which these institutions exist, and the institutions’ socioeconomic and political environments.

The major has been carefully constructed to meet community and workforce needs. Its ten courses focus on the skills, knowledge, and core values of human services practice, as well as the theoretical models that inform the field.

What Students Gain

While completing their coursework, students in human services build professional experience for their resumes through our applied service-learning programs and capstone. Students also gain:

Undergraduate Human Services Brochure (PDF)

Human Services BA. Fact Sheet (PDF)

Human Services Career Primer (PDF)

Human Services Student Profiles (PDF)