Transnational, Cultural, and Community Studies, MS

TCCS students with guest speakers from Red Sage Stories/Playback Theatre & Art for Social Change in Professor Aminah Pilgrim's class.

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The Program 

The Transnational, Cultural, and Community Studies (TCCS) Program is a critical comparative ethnic studies graduate program with signature elements emphasizing transdisciplinarity and the recognition of transnational global–local connections. TCCS centers on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and other social categories related to power and privilege that impact the experiences of both U.S.-born and immigrant members of racialized communities in the United States. The transdisciplinary program brings together scholarly research, cultural expression, and meaningful community partnerships in order to understand the histories and contemporary lives of racialized communities in the United States, their experiences as part of diasporic communities with transnational linkages, and their agency and self-determination. As part of this learning, students engage in critical analysis of how migration—to, from, and within the United States—forms an integral part of the experiences of racially and economically marginalized communities. 

Our Approach 

Our transdisciplinary approach emphasizes the mobilization of knowledge for social justice. Transdisciplinarity entails integration across relevant disciplines as a means of addressing complex social issues that impact the everyday lives of individuals and communities beyond academia. A highly creative, flexible, and collaborative approach, transdisciplinarity is particularly apt for the social justice mission of TCCS and UMass Boston. 

TCCS aims to develop critical understandings and action skills in students with diverse career goals, providing a core of shared knowledge while enabling students to tailor their programs to meet particular interests. Students receive individual mentoring and advising as part of a community that fosters a collaborative learning environment and meaningful community partnerships to promote student success and contributions to the social, economic, political, and cultural empowerment of racially diverse communities.

TCCS Students 

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