Requirements (Spanish)


  • This information is for students who declared a major in Spanish before the Spring 2012 semester

The Spanish Major

The Spanish Major consists of 10 courses (30 credits).

Requirements include:

  1. Specialization in language (Language Track): five advanced courses in the language track; one course on Spanish literature or civilization; one course on Spanish-American literature or civilization.
  2. Specialization in literature (Literature Track): two courses on Spanish literature; two courses in Spanish-American literature; three electives, one of which must be in literature.

Teacher Education Program in Spanish

Students who plan to teach Spanish at the middle or high school level may complete the Teacher Education Program in Spanish, offered in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Development. This program is open to undergraduates, to students who already have a BA with a major in Spanish and are seeking certification only, and to students seeking certification and a master’s degree in education. Undergraduates who wish to pursue the Teacher Education Program in Spanish enroll in UMass Boston’s Teacher Education Program.

There are special requirements for the program. Students interested in this option should make an appointment with the chair of Latin American and Iberian Studies, who will assist with the paperwork and assign an advisor in the program. To arrange an appointment, please contact the Latin American and Iberian Studies Department Office Administrator, McCormack Hall, 4th floor, Room 618, 617.287.7550.

Other Requirements

In order to graduate with a Spanish major from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a student must have successfully completed at least 5 advanced Spanish courses at UMass Boston with an overall average of at least B- in the major courses.

A Spanish minor must complete 3 advanced courses at UMass Boston and have a B- average in the minor courses.

Spanish majors may not take any of their major courses pass/fail. Minors, however, may take one of their minor courses pass/fail.