Language, Culture, and Society Track

The Language, Culture, and Society Track offers students an opportunity to advance in the mastery of the Spanish language and become adept in reading, interpreting, and analyzing cultural production in specific, social, historical, and political contexts. The multidisciplinary approach of this track supports student success by allowing them to hone a number of transferable skills, such as the ability to question and examine representation of events, to maintain multiple perspectives, and to exercise critical thought. All of these skills are key competencies of the university’s General Education Program and also constitute the fundamental goals of a Liberal Arts education.

The completion of this track will provide students with the linguistic and cultural competency to be successful in today’s transnational world. Students specializing in this track may consider career options in education, counseling, journalism, international relations, trade, management, law, health care, and public policy, as well as higher degrees in the humanities and social sciences.

The track also offers courses in language, culture, and society that are mandatory for students interested in teaching Spanish.