Latin American Studies Track

The Latin American Studies Track offers a comprehensive, coherent and multidisciplinary curriculum examining the historical, political, social, and cultural currents that have shaped the societies and cultures of Latin America.

In this track, students learn and apply a range of analytical approaches to develop their knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking about how the diverse societies of the region have developed through centuries of internal struggle and contested exchange with Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia. The multidisciplinary approach in this track supports student success by preparing them for an increasingly transnational world. 

The track also supports students in the timely completion of their undergraduate programs by allowing them to fulfill a number of University General Education and Distribution Requirements while pursuing their major.

Consistent with the goals of the University’s General Education Program and Distribution Requirements, all courses in the track provide substantial level-appropriate practice in critical and analytical reading, writing, and research.

Students specializing in this track may consider careers in education, journalism, international relations, trade, management, law, and public policy, as well as higher degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and health sciences.

Courses are taught in English unless otherwise noted.