A major in the Translation Studies Track consists of 12 courses.

Unless otherwise noted, courses are taught in Spanish.

Majors must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese. This may be achieved by taking the Department Placement Test or successfully completing the language sequence through the 202 level.

No courses may be taken for this track on a pass/fail basis.

Study abroad is strongly encouraged.


  Required Courses (Take 3)
  Lat Am 101 Latin America: Contemporary Society and Culture (Taught in English)
OR Span 361 Spanish-American Civilization (Taught in Spanish) (Mandatory for Teachers)
  Span 262 Hispanic Masterpieces in Translation (Taught in English)
OR Span 352 History of Spanish-American Literature (Taught in Spanish) (Mandatory for Teachers)
  Lat Am 360 Language and Power in Latin America (Taught in English)
OR Span 320 Varieties of Spanish in the Americas (Taught in Spanish) (Mandatory for Teachers)


  Language Courses (Take 4)
  Span 280 Spanish Grammar for Speakers of Spanish
OR Span 230 Intermediate Composition and Conversation
  Span 289  Composition for Native Speakers
OR Span 301 Advanced Reading, Writing and Speaking
  Span 304 Spanish for Majors and Minors
  Span 305 Problems of Syntax in Reading and Writing
  Span 312 Commercial Spanish
  Span 314 Language Arts
  Span 316 Advanced Spanish Grammar
  Span 385 Topics in Spanish Language


Translation Courses (Take 4)
Span 317 Introduction to Translation Studies
Span 333 Intermediate Translation (Undergoing governance: pending university approval)
Span 401 Advanced Translation: History, Theory and Technique (Undergoing governance: pending university approval)
Span 403 Advanced Translation: Applied Techniques (Undergoing governance: pending university approval)


  Advanced Courses in Reading and Interpretation or Linguistics (Take 1)
  Span 360 Spanish Civilization (By permission)
  Span 411 History of the Spanish Language
  Span 412 Spanish Semantics: Words and Their Meaning
  Span 420 Comparative Syntax: Spanish-English
  Span 432 The World of Don Quixote
  Span 433 Imperial Spain
  Span 450 Major Writers in Hispanic Literature
  Span 452 The Practice of Autobiography in Spanish and Latin-American Culture
  Span/Lat Am 454L Argentina
  Span 461 Spanish-American Colonial Literature
  Span 462 Contemporary Spanish-American Poetry
  Span 467 Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction
  Span 468 The Caribbean: Intellectual and Cultural History
  Span 471 Spanish-American Colonial Literature
  Span 478 Independent Study
OR Span 479 Independent Study
  Span 480 Studies in Hispanic Literature
  Span 481 Capstone Seminar in Hispanic Literature
  Span 491 Honors Thesis