The Latin American Studies Minor consists of six courses.

Minors must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese. This may be achieved by taking the Department Placement Test or successfully completing the language sequence through the 202 level.

One course in this minor may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Study abroad is strongly encouraged.


Foundational Courses (Take 1)
Lat Am 101 Latin America: Society and Culture
Lat Am 100 Native Peoples of South America
Lat Am 103 Foundations of Latin American Studies
Lat Am 105 Pre-Conquest States in the New World


Intermediate Courses (Take 2)
Lat Am 205 Latin American Film
Lat Am G 210 Food, Culture, and Society in Latin America
Lat Am 270 Human Rights in Latin America
Lat Am 290 Central America: Society and Culture
Span 261 Modern Latin American Literature in Translation
Span 265 Latin America: Literature and Revolution


Advanced Courses (Take 3)
Lat Am 300 Spanish Conquest in North and South America: 1492-1600
Lat Am 301 Hispanics in Urban America
Lat Am 302 Puerto Rico: Modernity, Cultural Identity and Politics
Lat Am 303 Reform and Revolution in Latin America
Lat Am 305 The Caribbean: Culture and Society
Span 320 Varieties of Spanish in the Americas (Taught in Spanish)
Lat Am 340 Latin America in the Age of Globalization
Lat Am 350 Latin American Popular Cultures
Lat Am 360 Language and Power in Latin America
Span 361 Spanish-American Civilization (Taught in Spanish)
Lat Am/Port L 375 Brazilian Civilization


Students are encouraged to take 400-level course to substitute for one of the three required courses at the 300 level.

Lat Am 454/Span 454 L Argentina (Taught in Spanish)
Span 468 The Caribbean: Cultural Identity and Intellectual History (Taught in Spanish)
Lat Am 480 Seminar in Latin American Studies
Lat Am 481 Capstone Seminar
Lat Am 485 Special Topics


Electives Outside of Department

A maximum of one course may be taken from the following list of courses offered by other departments in the College of Liberal Arts. An elective taken outside the department can only replace a course at the same level offered within the department. These courses are approved for credit toward this minor because they focus entirely on the societies and cultures of Latin America. Students must receive prior approval from the Chair of the Hispanic Studies Department in order for the courses to count toward the minor.

Lat Am/Hist L 155 Latin America Before 1800
Lat Am/Hist L 156 Latin America since 1800
Anth 273 People and Cultures of Mesoamerica
Anth 274 People and Cultures of the Caribbean
Lat Am/Anth L 336 Ancient Mesoamerica
Lat Am/ Anth L 338 Ancient Peru
Econ 338 Latin American Economy
PolSci 371 Latin American Politics
PolSci 372 Central American Politics