The Spanish Language Minor consists of six courses.

Minors must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in Spanish. This may be achieved by taking the Department Placement Test or successfully completing the language sequence through the 202 level.

<taAll courses at the 300 level are conducted in Spanish.

One course for this minor may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Study abroad is strongly encouraged.


  Foundational Courses (Take 3)
  Span 230: Intermediate Composition and Conversation
OR Span 280: Spanish Grammar for Speakers of Spanish
  Span 301: Advanced Reading, Writing and Speaking
OR Span 289: Composition for Native Speakers
  Span 304: Spanish for Majors and Minors


Advanced Level (Take 3)
Span 305: Problems of Syntax in Reading and Writing
Span 314: Language Arts: How Spanish Works
Span 316: Advanced Spanish Grammar
Span 317: Introduction to Translation Studies
Span 320: Varieties of Spanish in the Americas
Span 312: Commercial Spanish
Span 385: Topics in Spanish Language