About the Program

What is Latin@ Studies?
Latin@ Studies is an undergraduate intercollegiate program open to all students at UMass Boston. As an interdisciplinary program, Latin@ Studies encourages students to enroll in courses from a variety of areas in order to develop a complex understanding of Latin@ lives in the United States.

Mission of Latin@ Studies:
The Latino Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston offers students the opportunity to enrich their understanding of Latino experiences within a historical, linguistic, religious, social, racial, and cultural context. Our goal is to help students develop a complex understanding of the historical processes that inform the formation of Latino communities, the factors that effect the everyday lives of Latinos, and the role of social and cultural practices in the constitution of Latino identities. An interdisciplinary program of study, Latino Studies examines how Latinos negotiate their economic, social, political, and cultural identities. The program fosters a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff at UMass Boston committed to maintaining the relationship between Latino Studies and the lived realities of Latino communities in the greater Boston area and New England.

Why minor in Latin@ Studies?
Latin@s are one of the largest ethno-racial groups in the United States and the Greater Boston Area. With this in mind, the program offers students an opportunity to develop a broad and complex understanding of the histories and contemporary realities of Latin@s in the United States. Latin@ Studies contributes to the academic, professional, and personal goals of students who enroll in the program.

What else should I know about Latin@ Studies?
Latin@ Studies provides a vibrant community committed to the intellectual, professional, and personal development of students enrolled in the program by fostering a multifaceted understanding of how Latin@ histories, cultural expression, and everyday lives impact and informed by US society. To this end, students work closely with a faculty advisor to align the minor with their existing academic interests.

Where do I go for additional information?
To receive additional information about the program or to enroll in the minor, you can contact us by phone at 617-287-7388 or via email at Lorna.Rivera@umb.edu

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Giving to UMass Boston

Support the creation of new knowledge in Latino Studies and its benefit to Latino communities in greater Boston and New England.