Latino Studies Program

Latin@ Studies is an undergraduate intercollegiate program open to all students at UMass Boston. As an interdisciplinary program, Latin@ Studies encourages students to enroll in courses from a variety of areas in order to develop a complex understanding of Latin@ lives in the United States.

Students can also enroll in any of the courses not taken to fulfill a requirement.

Requirements for the minor:

Required Courses

(1)  AMST 201:  Latin@s in the US

(2)  AMST 353:  Latin@ Border Cultures

(3) One of the following:

      SOC 322      Latin@ Boston

      SOC 321      Race and Ethnic Relations

      ANTH 353 Urban Anthropology 

Course Offerings* (or quotes from evaluations and minors)

AMST 201 Latin@s in the U.S. 

AMST 353 Latin@ Border Cultures

AFRSTY / AMST 350L Race, Class and Gender: Issues in US Diversity

SOCIO 321 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCIO 322 Latin@ Boston

ANTH 277 Immigration in the United States

PHIL 232 Race and Multiculturalism

WOST 225 Latinas in the U.S.

ANTH 477LLOP -Research Seminar 

Giving to UMass Boston

Support public policy development for Latinos in Massachusetts through a gift to the Gastón Institute.