Research and Publications

Modern Languages Faculty, being active scholars in many areas of research related to scholarship literature, culture, film, and language acquisition, have a growing list of established and current publications.

Dr. Diana Burgin

Memorabilia. The Memoirs of Richard Burgin. Compiled, Arranged and Introduced by Diana Lewis Burgin.  St. Petersburg: INAPRESS, 2011. (In Russian)

Additional Publications by Diana Burgin

Dr. Alexander DesForges

Mediasphere Shanghai: The Aesthetics of Cultural Production. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2007.  

"Burning with Reverence: The Economics and Aesthetics of Words in Qing (1644-1911) China." PMLA 121.1 (2006): 139-155.

"Shanghai Alleys, Theatrical Practice and Cinematic Spectatorship: From Street Angel (1937) to Fifth Generation Film." Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 39.4 (2010): 29-51.

Dr. Claudia Esposito

Claudia Esposito, "Ronsard in the Metro: Abdellatif Kechiche and the Poetics of Space" Studies in French Cinema 11, 3 (2011)

Claudia Esposito, "Literature is Language: An Interview with Amara Lakhous" Journal of Postcolonial Writing  (2011) 

Claudia Esposito "South of the Capital: Geographies of Resistance in Maghrebi-French Film" Expressions maghrebines 8, 2 (2009) 99-109

Dr. Sari Kawana

Murder Most Modern: Detective Fiction and Japanese Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2008. 288 pages.

"Write on Demand: Editors, Authors, and the Labor of Literary Publishing in Prewar Japan"—refereed, accepted and forthcoming from East Asian Publishing and Society. 

“Romancing the Role Model: Florence Nightingale, Shōjo Manga, and the Literature of Self-Improvement,” Japan Review 23 (2011): 201-226.

Dr. Vetri Nathan

“Nuovo Cinema Inferno: The Affect of Ambivalence in Giuseppe Tornatore’s La sconosciuta.” in From Terrone to Extra-Comunitario: The New Manifestations of Racism in Contemporary Italian Cinema, ed. Grace Russo-Bullaro et al. (Troubador Italian Series, 2010)

“Mimic Nation – Mimic Men: Contextualizing Italy’s Migration Culture through Bhabha” in National Belongings: Hybridity in Italian Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures, ed. Derek Duncan et al. (Peter Lang Editors, 2010)

Dr. Pratima Prasad

Colonialism, Race, and the French Romantic Imagination.  NY: Routledge, 2009. 

Novel Stages: Drama and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century France.  Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2007.  Prasad, Pratima and Susan McCready, eds.