The Italian section of the Modern Languages department offers courses in Italian language, literature, culture, and history.


Students wishing to major in Italian must have achieved intermediate competence by finishing ITAL 202 or testing above that level. A minimum of 30 credits must be completed in addition to the intermediate competency.


  • Italian 301 (Advanced Composition and Conversation)
  • Italian 305 (Language of Modern Italy)
  • Italian 311
  • Italian 312 (Introduction to Italian Literature, I and II)

    The remaining seven courses will be distributed as follows:
  • Two courses, one at each level, from the 300- and 400-level offerings.
  • Italian 260 (Tradition and Change in Italian Culture) or equivalent, subject to departmental approval.
  • Four courses taken from departmental offerings in English. With the permission of the chairperson of the Italian Department, students can substitute one art course and one history course, if they wish, for departmental offerings in this category. These must be chosen from the following list:
    • Art 311 (Early Italian Renaissance Art)
    • Art 312 (Late Italian Renaissance Art)
    • Art 313 (Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy
    • History 334 (Italy from 1815)
    • History 317 (Mussolini and Italian Fascism)


Students majoring in another discipline may minor in Italian. They should discuss their program with the departmental chairperson. Minimal requirements include:

  • Intermediate proficiency (Italian 201 and 202)
  • Italian 301 (Advanced Composition and Conversation), or Italian 305 (Language of Modern Italy
  • One course to be chosen from the departmental offerings in English
  • Two advanced courses (300 level or above) to be chosen from the departmental offerings in Italian.