The minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies requires completion of 6 courses for a total of 18 credits.

Three Required Courses

  • NAIS/ANTH 278L: Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (3 cr.)
  • NAIS 401: Practicum in Native American and Indigenous Studies I (3 cr.)
  • NAIS 402: Practicum in Native American and Indigenous Studies II (3 cr.)

Three Electives
Please note that this list of approved courses will be updated annually. Additionally, other courses might count per approval of the director of the minor program.

  • Indigenous Peoples & Culture Change in Amazonia (ANTH 220G)
  • Aztecs & Spaniards in the Conquest of Mexico (ANTH 222G)
  • Rise & Fall of the Maya (ANTH 224G)
  • Shamanisms: Anthropological Perspectives (ANTH 264)
  • Native Peoples of North America (ANTH/AMST 270L)
  • Peoples & Cultures of Mesoamerica (ANTH 273)
  • American Indian History to 1783 (HIST 262)           
  • Land, Law, & Indigenous Rights (HON 290)
  • Native Peoples of South America (LATAM 100)
  • Native American Women in North America (WGS 270)
  • Sociology of Native Americans (SOCIOL 291)
  • Ancient North America (ANTH 334*)
  • Ancient Mesoamerica (ANTH/LATAM 336L*)
  • Ancient Peru: The Incas & Their Ancestors (ANTH/LATAM 338L*)
  • Environmental Anthropology (ANTH 363*)
  • Cultures & Politics of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America (ANTH 374*)
  • Native New England: Contemporary Issues (ANTH 376*)
  • Contemporary Issues in Native North America (ANTH/AMST 476L*)
  • Native American Literature (ENG 348*)
  • American Indians & the Environment (HIST 385*)

*Not more than one upper-level course (300- or 400-level) can be double counted toward another major or minor.