Mission of the Performing Arts Department

Through music, theatre, and dance, artists and audiences collectively explore the human condition and experience the transformative power of the performing arts on individuals, groups, and societies. The Department of Performing Arts at UMass Boston integrates artistic study within a liberal arts curriculum to provide students with the skills to actively pursue music, theatre, and dance throughout their lives. We offer a curriculum that prepares students to be performing arts professionals while also providing an academically rigorous course of study that prepares them to be educated, productive, and socially informed members of society. Our graduates have been admitted to the most selective graduate programs and have pursued careers in the arts as actors, designers, singers, musicians, teachers, and more. We inspire excellence in our students and provide the training and supportive environment necessary for them to achieve their goals.

Performing Arts Values

At UMass Boston, we recognize that music, theatre, and dance are vital to the human experience. They appear, in various forms, in every culture, around the world, throughout history. The Department of Performing Arts fosters a climate for those who strive to engage the world through music, theatre, and dance and holds the following set of values: