UMass Boston dance performance

Dance (Minor)

Mission Statement UMass Dance

The Dance Program, housed in the Performing Arts Department, currently offers a minor in dance. Beginning spring 2016 Dance courses will be taught in a brand new, state of the art dance studio in University Hall.

Our Program seeks to provide students with a solid technical foundation of ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques as well as exposure to and fundamental training in a variety of world dance and theater dance forms. The program offers performance and choreographic opportunities for its participants in the form of an annual main-stage spring dance production which is an outgrowth of the Dance Theater Workshop, required for the Dance Minor. Moreover, it educates the dancer in understanding dance from a historical and world perspective, thereby preparing the dancer for any one of a number of careers in today’s dance market.

These careers may include, but are not limited to, performing careers in a company, concert or theatrical setting, dance educator careers in private studios, grade schools and preparation for further education leading to dance education careers in institutes of higher education.  Additionally, the program encourages the dancer to combine his/her education in dance with academic studies where appropriate, e.g., training in Psychology with the possibility of exploring a career in dance or arts therapy, in Nursing and Physical Education, with possibilities in physical therapy and personal training, etc.



Graduates with a BA(minor) in Dance will have: