Performing Arts Department Grading Policy:

• No Music or Theatre majors/minors may take any of the classes required for their major/minor as
• Students must receive at least a C- in the classes that are required for the major/minor. Lower grades (D+ or below in courses required for the major/minor must be taken again to count.
• Students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 in the courses required for the major/minor in order to graduate with the major/minor.


Requirements for the Theatre Major

Major: 11 courses, 4 Practicums – 37 credits

THRART 105, 205, 305, 405 (Practicum 1-4) 1 credit each; students must take all four, and two must be in design/technology
THRART 201 (Theatre History: Origins–1660) 3 credits
THRART 202 (Theatre History: 1660–Present) 3 credits
THRART 122 (Costume Construction) 3 credits
THRART 123 (Theatre Crafts I) 3 credits
THRART 125 (Introduction to Design) 3 credits
THRART 236 (Acting I) 3 credits
2 Dramatic Literature Courses 3 credits each
3 Advanced Theatre courses (any 300 or 400 level class) 3 credits each

In all, a minimum of eleven semester courses and 4 practicums in Theatre Arts is required for graduation.
Requirements for the Theatre Minor
Minor: 6 classes, 2 Practicums – 20 credits

1. THRART 236 (Introduction to Acting I)
2. One of the following
   THRART 122 (Costume Construction)
   THRART 123 (Theatre Crafts I)
3. Two of the following:
   THRART 201: Theatre History: Origins–1660
   THRART 202: Theatre History: 1660–Present
A Dramatic Literature Course
4. Two semesters of Practicum
   THRART 105
   THRART 205
5. Two Advanced Theatre courses (any 300 or 400 level class)

Courses that fulfill the Dramatic Literature Requirement:
THRART 226: Play Analysis
THRART 301: Contemporary American Playwrights
THRART 310: Costume History
THRART 312: The Theatre of Social Protest
THRART 313: American Theatre before O'Neil
THRART 314: American Theatre Since O'Neil
THRART 315: Mid-Twentieth Century Drama
THRART 316: The Elizabethan Stage
THRART 318: Modern European Drama
THRART 321: Black Theatre in America
THRART 329: Theatre in London
THRART 340: Women in Theatre
THRART 410: Seminar in Dramatic Literature