About the Department

The Philosophy Department at UMass Boston is pluralistic, with faculty that teach and pursue research in almost all major areas of philosophy, including Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Feminism, Philosophy of Race, Asian Philosophy, American Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, and Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy.

The department sees philosophy as an engaged discipline, one in which theoretical understanding is meant ultimately to make a difference in our practical lives as persons and citizens. Our department has a concentration of faculty working in ethics, applied ethics, law and political philosophy (Blum, Rivera, Tirrell, Bromwich, Perina, Zurn, Silver, Klein, and Zabel), a concentration in American Philosophy very broadly construed (Tirrell, Wanderer, Brincker and Levine), and one in the history of philosophy (Beresford, Inukai, Lande, Levine, Fleshe, and Kaye).

The department also has a very active Philosophy Club that meets every Friday, a philosophy outreach program (POP) and a speaker series in applied philosophy.