Other Philosophy Events

New England Neo-Pragmatist Reading Group
This reading group is a collaboration between UMass Boston and University of New Hampshire, Organized Steven Levine (UMass Boston), Jeremy Wanderer (UMass Boston) and Willem DeVries (UNH). Email for more info & copies of readings. Upcoming meetings, readings & visitors:

Alum Nights 
These nights are a new initiative of the Philosophy Department. We gather to see old friends, hear a presentation by a faculty member on an issue of general interest related to their research, and then discuss the presentation. Light dinner is provided. If you are a senior or a recent or long time alum of the department please email lawrence.blum@umb.edu for more information and date and theme of the next event.

Next alum night: May 9th, 2017, 6:30-9:30pm in CC2540

Philosophy Lunch Talks
Informal departmental talks where faculty members present ongoing work to colleagues. If you are interested in learning more or would like to present at one of these lunch meetings please contact Nelson Lande.

Beyond UMass:
An abundance of philosophy talks, events and meetings of various groups are constantly taking place in the greater Boston area. 
Below are links to various philosophy programs, colloquia, workshops, and groups in the area:  

  1. Harvard Philosophy Colloquium (Harvard)
  2. MIT Philosophy Colloquium (MIT)
  3. BU Philosophy Colloquium (BU)
  4. Brandeis Philosophy Colloquium (Brandeis)
  5. Lecture Series in Philosophy (Tufts)
  6. WOGAP - Workshop on Gender and Philosophy (MIT)
  7. Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science (BU)
  8. New England Consequentialism Workshop (Harvard)
  9. BU Ethics Reading Group (BU)
  10. Kant in Boston - Reading Group (Emerson)