The Standard Major in Philosophy: 

  • The standard major requires completion of 10 philosophy courses including:
    • 1: Phil 100 (Intro to Philosophy) or Phil 108 (Moral and Social Problems
    • 2: Phil 120 (Introduction to Logic)
    • 3: Phil 211 (Ancient Philosophy)
    • 4: Phil 212 (Modern Philosophy)
  • 6 additional courses in philosophy, including at least five courses numbered 300 or higher. 
  • Restrictions on courses that count towards the Major:
    • No more than two 100-level courses may count toward the standard major.
    • No more than one course in the major may be taken on a pass/fail basis.
    • PHIL 478 and 479 (independent study) do not normally count toward the satisfaction of the 300-level or higher major requirement.