1. Phil 100 (Introduction to Philosophy) or Phil 108 (Moral and Social Problems)
  2. Phil 120 (Logic)
  3. Phil 290 (Philosophy of Law)
  4. Phil 410 (Feminist Legal Theory) or Phil 411 (Critical Legal Theory) or Phil 309 (Ethics of Property) or Phil 450 (Rights)
  5. PhilLaw 210 (Legislative Labyrinth) (CPCS Legal Education)
  6. PhilLaw 300 (Basic Legal Reasoning and Argument) (CPCS Legal Education)
  7. Two additional courses from the following list:

    Any other law course listed under PhilLaw
    Africana Studies 430 (Race and the American Legal Process)
    History 378 (American Legal History)
    Phil G201 (Morals and Law)
    Phil 323 (Mental Health: Law and Public Policy)
    Political Science 329 (American Constitutional Law and Theory)
    Political Science 332 (Civil Liberties in the US)
    Political Science 335 (Law and Public Policy)
    Political Science 415 (Law and International Relations)
    Sociology L461 (Internship in Law and Criminal Justice)
    Sociology L462 (Internship in Law and Juvenile Justice)
    Sociology L467 (Sociology of Law)
    Women’s Studies 290 (Legal Rights of Women)
    Women’s Studies 291 (Family Law)
    Women’s Studies 292 (Family Law Practice)
    Religious Studies 370 (Religion and Law)