Michael S. Dukakis Internship in Public Service

Endowed in 1995 by a generous gift from former Massachusetts Governor Michael S. Dukakis, the Michael S. Dukakis Internship in Public Service is an annual award made to up to three students who will represent the University of Massachusetts Boston as a "working ambassador" in a government agency which serves the public. The student will be given a monetary award to work for a semester in a state or municipal government office. Students must enroll in a credit-granting internship course at UMass Boston as part of a regular class schedule. This is a prestigious award based on the overall merit of the student.




Undergraduate applicants: 60 or more credits completed by June 15, 2016

Graduate applicants: 50% of graduate degree program completed by June 15, 2016



Full-time, matriculated student


Minimum cumulative GPA 3.0 (students will be required to provide a transcript and/or other proof of academic excellence). Available to any major, financial need not a factor.

Other Considerations    

Students will perform the internship while enrolled in a regular class schedule. This is a for-credit internship and arrangements must be made in the student’s major or other suitable department to enroll in an internship course. The student need not have secured an internship placement at the time of application. Both a faculty advisor and an on-site supervisor will closely supervise the student. In addition to work completed on the internship site, a research paper is required.



We have approximately N/A available for the Dukakis Internship in Fall 2016.  Award amounts will be determined by the number of candidates selected for the internship; we do not anticipate selecting more than three students for this award, and possibly fewer. Funds will first be applied to any balance due in the Bursar’s Office.  If the chosen student is a financial aid recipient, adjustments to their aid package may be required.


Application materials are available in the Office for Merit-Based Scholarships, Campus Center, 4th floor, next to the elevators, from the Department of Political Science, or on the Department website: (https://www.umb.edu/academics/cla/polisci/scholarships_and_awards/michael_s._dukakis_internship_in_public_service). Read this form carefully. Fill out the application form completely. The required essay is to be typed, double-spaced, on separate paper, and should not exceed 500 words in length. Applicants will also need to supply a copy of their transcript (unofficial).  This is available at the One Stop or via WISER. Applicants have the option to submit one faculty reference letter.


Applications are due to be submitted to the Political Science Department on or before TBA by 5:00PM. Applicants will be notified by April, in time for any necessary registration changes to be made to the applicant’s Fall 2016 schedule.

Application Form

For further information contact Prof. Maurice T. Cunningham (maurice.cunningham@umb.edu)