Rusty Simonds Award

The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce a competition for the Rusty Simonds Award for 2016. Arthur P. (Rusty) Simonds, a member of the Political Science Department for over thirty years, was an inspiration and beloved figure to many in the UMass Boston community. To honor his memory, former colleagues, students, friends, and family established an endowed fund to support an annual award either to an outstanding UMass Boston junior or senior who intends to pursue an advanced degree or, depending on the applicant pool, to an outstanding alumna or alumnus who is already in an advanced degree program.



Applicants must have completed a minimum of sixty credits – twelve of which must have been completed at UMass Boston – by January 30th, 2016.


UMass Boston Junior or Senior who intends to pursue an advanced degree or outstanding alumna or alumnus who is already in an advanced degree program

Application Materials

1. A cover sheet with home & email addresses, telephone number, and UMS number.

2. A copy of the most recent official or unofficial UMass Boston transcript and a copy of transcript(s) from any previous college(s) attended.

3. Updated resume.

4. A typed application 500-600 words essay. The essay should address why you are interested in political theory, or explain who your favorite political theorist is and why.


Rusty Simonds amount will be TBD.  Depending on the applicant pool, it may be divided among more than one candidate.


All application materials for the Rusty Simonds Award must be submitted to the Political Science Department (W/5/70) no later than 5:00 p.m. on TBD.

Announcement Of Award

The recipient will be emailed, with a formal follow-up letter to be mailed later to her/his home. For a winner who is a continuing UMass Boston student, the award will be transferred to his or her account by April 29th 2016; for a graduating senior or alumnus/alumna, a check will be sent directly to him/her by the first of May 2016.


Prof. Maurice T. Cunningham at