Frequently Asked Questions

Are lodging and travel costs included in the tuition?

No, the cost of lodging and travel is up to the individual participant. Some local hotels will negotiate with enrollees and provide a lower rate for their stays in Boston. If you are accepted into the training program, information on local lodging options will be sent to you.

How will I know if this kind of training is right for me?

The IPMHPCP is a very intense training program that may work extremely well for learners who thrive on 3-day immersion sessions with intense exposure to new material followed by an extended period of time for incorporation and consolidation. Such a format may not work well for learners who thrive on a typical college-type schedule of shorter sessions of exposure to new material with small breaks for incorporation and consolidation (e.g. 3 class hours per week). The class sessions consist of dynamic, interactive didactic presentations and extended sessions of processing and discussing material. Potential applicants may want to consider their comfort level related to process-oriented learning, talking in a class setting, and thoughtfully considering the ideas of others in a non-competitive environment. Also, potential applicants should consider that this type of learning consists of long hours of sitting, listening, and discussing.

Can I audio or video tape the sessions?

No, audio and/or video taping are not allowed in the sessions. Also, Fellows are asked not to take notes on laptops, PDAs or other electronic devices during lectures and discussions. This policy is in place for the privacy, safety, and comfort of the learners, faculty, and material (including cases) being discussed, and to help assure that we meet the safety requests of the agencies and establishments hosting training sessions. Finally, since the nature of the program is relationship-based, the goal is to promote group interaction in the moment with active consideration of thoughts and idea.

Is there scholarship money available from the IPMHPCP or any of its sponsors?

No, the sponsors and faculty do not have scholarship funds available. Potential applicants are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities with their employers, professional organizations, local hospitals, and local philanthropic organizations.

Are breakfasts and lunches provided?

No. Sessions are usually held in locations with immediate access to a cafeteria and other locations where food and beverages can be purchased.

How is seating arranged in the class sessions?

Each faculty is asked how s/he would like the room arranged. For most sessions, a "classroom" style arrangement is used with tables and chairs facing forward, but occasionally a large "conference" table (rectangular table with chairs) or a theater-style (all chairs and no tables) arrangement is used.

Join our next cohort in March 2018!

The next IPMH fellowship will begin in March 2018. If you're interested in joining the cohort, please email Applications are now available. We will accept fellows on a rolling basis until the class is filled, after which time, a waiting list will be compiled of qualified applicants. Click here for the application.
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