Fellows’ Responsibilities

#1. Course Attendance: Attend all training sessions (see the accompanying schedule) for the course meetings. Fellows missing more than 24 hours of course attendance will not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion. For any sessions missed, Fellows will be asked to submit a plan for acquiring the information missed in the session.

2. Special Project: Course completion requires fellows to attend a final Fall Colloquium weekend in November of 2019 to present an original Special Project. Over the 22 month course of study each fellow will determine a specific focus of interest within the field of infant-parent mental health and the scope of their discipline and complete a special project related to that focus area. Each fellow will prepare a 30 minute oral presentation for their IPMH colleagues and core faculty along with a written report or summary of their Special Project at a special colloquium weekend in November 2019.

3. Practicum/Integration Experience: IPMHPCP Fellows are encouraged to identify a practicum/integration site as a setting where infant-parent mental health concepts explored in the training program can be applied to practice. The practicum/integration site should include working closely with care providers (parents and/or practitioners) so that inter-disciplinary work and mutual-mentorship skills can be expanded. The practicum/integration hours may be accomplished in the participant’s usual work setting or in another location. The practicum should include at least 8 hours per month up to full-time employment, for the duration of the 22 month program, and should generate cases for case studies and peer-to-peer mentorship. Examples of sites for the practicum experience include Head Start, child care centers, family child care settings, pediatric or family medical practice offices, hospital maternity and newborn units, home visiting programs, special education classrooms and programs, developmental centers, etc. Arrangement of practicum experience and supervision is the responsibility of the IPMHPCP participant.

4. Commitment to working with Birth to Five population and Parents: To the extent possible, commit to working, within the scope of your discipline, with the 0-5 population during the 26-month course and at least 1 year after course completion; and agree to participate in evaluation of the IPMHPCP.

5. Professional Meeting Related to Infant-Parent Mental Health: Fellows must attend at least one regional, national, or international professional IMH meeting, convention, or training during the IPMHPCP. Conferences may be local, national or international, such as the Boston Institute for the Development of Infants and Parents (BIDIP), Zero to Three’s National Training Institute, the ICDL International Conference, the World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) international meeting.

6. Course tuition of $11,000: All registered fellows are expected to make a full tuition payment in order to receive a certificate. The program Directors reserve the right to prohibit fellows' continued attendance for failure of tuition payment. Payment breakdown: $3,000 deposit - upon acceptance to the program; an additional tuition of $3,000 is due by November 1, 2017; remaining tuition of $5,000 is due by January, 2019.

7. Readings and Required Texts: Acquire and read required articles assigned throughout the course, and acquire "Required Texts" and a general child development text of the trainee’s choice



Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the class is filled, after which time, a waiting list will be compiled of qualified applicants. click here for application.
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