The phrase “major requirements” refers to the minimum number and distribution of psychology courses a student must complete successfully in order to graduate as a psychology major. We encourage students to take more than the minimum number of courses in psychology and allied disciplines. Only one of the 12 required classes may be taken pass/fail; the other 11 classes must be taken for a grade.

Introductory courses

1) Introduction to Psychology (Psych 101 or 100)

2) Introduction to Behavioral Research (Psych 201)

Intermediate courses

One intermediate level course from each of the five sub-disciplines of Psychology, chosen from among the following options. These courses provide the required core of the major and serve as prerequisites to more specialized courses. (Note that all course numbers in this category have been changed from 200- to 300-level, but the courses and requirements in this category have not changed.)

3) Personality/Clinical: Personality (Psych 210) or Abnormal Psychology     (Psych 215)

4) Developmental: Infancy and Childhood Development (Psych 241) or Adolescence (Psych 242)

5) Social Psychology (Psych 230)

6) Behavioral Neuroscience (Psych 360)

7) Cognitive: Learning and Memory (Psych 250) or Perception (Psych 255)

Advanced courses (Capstone Requirement)

8), 9) Two advanced courses at the 400 level.

Students who declared the major on or after September 1, 2003 will need to meet the capstone requirement. Capstone criteria include a grade of C- or better in a 400-level course taken in residence after completing at least 3 of the 5 intermediate core requirements. (Note that many courses in this category have been renumbered. A course that now has a number in the 400s will count here even if it had a different number when you took it.  Please see your advisor if you declared the major before September 1, 2003 and have questions about your advanced course requirement.)

Elective Courses

10) Advanced elective. Any course numbered 300 or higher, with the exception of courses listed in the intermediate core requirement category.

11), 12) Any two courses from any level.

Notes and clarifications:

Eight of the 12 courses for the major must be taken in residence at UMass Boston.

Only one of the following courses can be counted as an advanced requirement or advanced elective: Psych 486, 488, 489, 496-499. Only one of the 12 courses counted toward the major may be taken pass/fail.