Psychology, BS

The psychology major is a 12-course major. The requirements of these 12 courses provide students with a foundation in each of five core areas of the discipline of psychology, upper level coursework in one or more areas and basic information about the research practices used in the field. The Psychology Department offers students the opportunity to earn either a BA or a BS for their undergraduate degree. While the basic structure of the major remains the same for either degree, earning a BS requires that students complete more science courses outside of the major and specifies two of the course choices within the 12 required courses for the major.

Student interested in a BS in psychology should read carefully the major requirements for a BA in psychology. The following additional requirements apply to students earning a BS:

Specifics within the major:

  • The basic requirements for a BA in psychology must be met and
  • Psych 370 (Statistics) must be taken and can be counted as one of the two additional electives from any level.
  • One of the advanced level courses must be an experimental methods course (Psych 475-479).

Requirements outside the Psychology Department:

  • Mathematics 135 - Survey of Calculus or a higher level course in calculus
  • Biology 111 and Biology 112
  • Four semester-long courses from the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, or physics. Courses that will meet this requirement are any course that would meet a requirement for a major within the department that is offered. Courses for non-majors will not be counted toward these requirements; examples of courses which cannot be counted include: Biology 101, 102, 104, 105, 108, 202, 203, 207, 208, 209 Chemistry 101, 102, 200

Notes and clarifications:

  • Eight of the 12 psychology courses must be taken in residence at UMass Boston.
  • Only one of the 12 psychology courses counted toward the major may be taken pass/fail.
  • Only one of the following courses can be counted as an advanced level courses: Psych 430, 479, 486, 488, 489, 496-499.
  • Laboratory sections for courses outside the Psychology Department that are listed as “optional” are not required; labs are only required if they are a requirement of the course.
  • The capstone requirement can be met by the required advanced Experimental Methods course, provided the C- grade criterion is met.
  • Six credit internship courses (Psych 430, 479) count as one advanced level course.