If you declared as a BS candidate after September 1, 2000, the minimum course requirements are all of the requirements for the BA in psychology with the following qualifications:

  1. Psych 370 (Statistics) must be taken and can be counted as one of the two electives.
  2. One of the advanced level courses must be an experimental methods course (Psych 475-479)

Requirements outside the Psychology Department

13) Mathematics 135, Survey of Calculus or a higher level course in calculus 

14, 15) Biology 111 and Biology 112

16-19)  Four semester-long courses designed for majors from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Physics or the course Biology 207, Anatomy and Physiology I.

Notes and clarifications:

Courses for non-majors will not be counted toward these requirements; examples of courses which cannot be counted include: