Cognitive Science (Minor)

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the brain and mind: the development, underlying processes, and implementation of language, perception, memory, problem-solving, learning, and other intelligent capacities. Many areas of scholarship - computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, biological sciences, mathematics, statistics, and engineering - contribute to the study of Cognitive Science.  The goal of the Cognitive Science Minor is to help students gain both content knowledge and analytical skills.

The Cognitive Science minor requires at least 6 courses, chosen from designated course lists from a variety of departments.  Students who are psychology majors can minor in Cognitive Science but must make sure to select from the designated list 4 courses outside of psychology.  

Required Courses:

Psych/CS L271 --Introduction to Cognitive Science

Psych 370 --Statistics

plus 4 Elective Courses.

Please click here for further information about the Cognitive Science Minor and a list of Elective Courses or contact the faculty advisor for this minor: Dr. Mohinish Shukla