Psychology (Minor)

The minor in Psychology is designed for students who desire a systematic background in Psychology to complement their major area of study in other departments. It is available to students from the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Sciences and Mathematics or the College of Management.

The minor requirements are:

1) Introduction to Psychology (Psych 101 or 100)
2) Research Methods (Psych 201) or Statistics (Psych 370)

3) Two intermediate level courses from the following options:

(a) Learning and Memory (Psych 250)
(b) Perception (Psych 255)
(c) Behavioral Neuroscience (Psych360)
(d) Personality (Psych 210)
(e) Abnormal Psychology (Psych 2l5)
(f) Social Psychology (Psych 230)
(g) Infancy and Child Development (Psych 24l)
(h) Adolescence (Psych 242)

4) Two advanced  level courses (courses at the 300-400 level with the exception of 360, 370, 488, 489, and 496-499)

The intermediate level courses provide broad knowledge of major areas in the discipline and serve as prerequisites to more specialized advanced courses.  Minors are advised to select  two intermediate level courses that will prepare for advanced courses in an area of interest. The distribution of requirements allows minors to gain some degree of both breadth and depth in Psychology.