Organizational Behavior Option

Normally, students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Sciences Mathematics are not able to register for courses offered by the College of Management. However, the Department of Psychology and the College of Management have agreed to make provisions for a select group of Psychology Majors or Psychology and Sociology Majors to sample from a set of Management courses having to do with organizational behavior. These courses could be useful for students who wish to learn about the social psychology of organizations, or to familiarize themselves with current theories of organizational behavior and organizational development.

To be eligible for the Organizational Behavior Option, a student must meet the following qualifications:

a. Be a Psychology Major or Joint Major in Psychology and Sociology
b. Complete Social Psychology (Psych 230)
c. Complete Statistics (Psych 370)
d. Carry a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0
e. Obtain approval from the Psychology Curriculum Committee

Students who have met these qualifications will be referred to the contact person in the College of Management, who will advise students with regard to the Organizational Behavior courses and, if appropriate, make arrangements for them to enroll.  Students who qualify and would like to be recommended to this program or students who would like advice regarding this program should speak with the Psychology department's advisor of the Organizational Behavior Option. Currently the advisor is Dr. Ester Shapiro.

The Organizational Behavior Option consists of a maximum of four College of Management courses from the following list:

− Managing Organizations (Mgt 303)
− Managerial Ethics and Social Issues (Mgt 331)
− Introduction to Human Resource Management (Mgt 401)
− Skills in Leadership and Teamwork (Mgt 421)
− Advanced Topics in Managing Organizations (Mgt 450)
− Special Topics in Management (Mgt 478)

Mgt 303 is a pre-requisite for all the other courses.  Prior to enrollment in Mgt 303 students will need to have taken BC 290 - Professional Written Communication and Critical Analysis. On occasion, the Management Department has allowed co-registration in Mgt 331 in sections taught by Professor Vicki Milledge, but only with her permission. Students should take Mgt 303 in their first semester junior year, or as early as possible. Mgt 421 is particularly recommended for Psychology majors. The topics for Mgt 450 and 478 change depending on the instructor, and upcoming topics are announced just before pre-registration.

Courses taken as part of the Organizational Behavior Option are in addition to the Psychology Major sequence. Interested students should currently contact the Psychology Curriculum Committee.