Graduate Study in Sociology

Boston Common and partial skyline.

Our innovative graduate programs in sociology and applied sociology are for students seeking to pursue professional careers in research, policy formation or analysis,  or academic careers.  

  • Each of the graduate programs are designed to engage students in the social world. The programs' applied focus emphasizes community connections and research methodologies that specifically address current social problems.
  • Evaluation, survey research, quantitative and qualitative methods, and statistical strategies are taught from a hands-on perspective.
  • Students learn to do the work, collect and analyze data, write reports and grants, and, ultimately, impact the social world in significant ways.
  • With a strong commitment to research, our nationally recognized faculty guide students through an exploration of the human condition, globalization, culture, and the current issues that affect us all. 

Currently, we offer the following four innovative and challenging opportunities for graduate study at UMass Boston.

Students may apply for the PhD with or without an MA in sociology. Those with only the BA/BS degree can earn the MA degree on the way to the completion of their PhD. The MA in Applied Sociology is open to any student with a BA degree who desires further training and study in sociology; undergraduate coursework in sociology is required for admission.  

As the only public university in Boston, the cost of graduate study is substantially less than that of applied programs offered by neighboring private institutions. We offer assistantships for full-time doctoral students (based on availability of funds) and a limited number of partial assistantships for MA students. Assistantships provide a stipend, full tuition credit, and a partial fee waiver including a proportional waiver of student health insurance fees.  

For more information about any of our graduate study opportunities, please contact Dr. Nicolette Salerno, Ed.D, Graduate Programs Coordinator, at