Applied Sociology, BA/MA

BA-to-MA Program in Applied Sociology

By entering the BA-to-MA Program in Applied Sociology, students can earn both a BA in their field of interest and an MA in applied sociology in less time than earning these degrees separately would require.

This option supports and enhances the career path of students interested in social service or research related careers in healthcare, criminal justice, substance abuse, public affairs and urban planning, business, law, education, political science, and many international careers.

Admission Requirements

  • A student should apply to this program when they have accumulated between 80 and 90 undergraduate credits (with 30 credits completed at UMass Boston), but no later than the second semester of their junior year.
  • Regardless of a student’s undergraduate major, completed undergraduate course work must include social statistics, social theory, and social research methods, though those courses may be taken during the student’s senior year.
  • A student must have already taken and passed the UMass Boston Writing Proficiency Examination.
  • An applicant must have a minimum 3.2 overall undergraduate grade point average.

For complete information on admission requirements, visit the MA Program in Applied Sociology web page.

Internship or Capstone Experience

Many students complete an internship that reflects their academic and professional interests. Internships may be service or research oriented. In either case, they enhance one’s understanding of the relationship between theory, research, policy, and practice. The internship can be waived for those with comparable experience and for those who complete the program’s course on teaching. All students must complete a capstone requirement to demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and skills required by applied sociologists. This requirement can be satisfied by a thesis, a research paper, or a comprehensive exam.

Completion Requirements

This program consists of 140 credits (104 undergraduate and 36 graduate level credits or their equivalents), which can be completed in five years. Students may choose to carry less than a full course load and complete the program at a slower rate. Upon completion of all requirements, students will be awarded both the BA and MA degrees. Students who do not complete the entire program, or do not have the required GPA to be awarded an MA degree, may choose to apply appropriate credits toward the BA degree.

For complete information on completion requirements, visit the MA Program in Applied Sociology web page.