Applied Sociology, BA/MA

Accelerated Bachelor/ Masters of Arts in Applied Sociology


  • Students interested in social service or research related careers in healthcare, criminal justice, substance abuse, public affairs and urban planning, business, law, or education. 
  • Student who wish to develop skills for research related careers in those areas or pursue further graduate education.
  • A student who wishes to gain a graduate degree in less time than it would take to get separate bachelors and masters degrees. 


  • Apply to this program when you have accumulated between 80 and 90 undergraduate credits (with 30 credits completed at UMass Boston), but no later than the second semester of junior year.
  •  Completed undergraduate course work must include social statistics, sociological theory, and research methods regardless of your undergraduate major.  These courses may be taken during the student’s senior year.
  • You must have already taken and passed the UMass Boston Writing Proficiency Examination.
  • You must have a minimum 3.2 overall undergraduate grade point average.
  • For complete information on admission requirements, visit the Admissions to the MA in Applied Sociology page.  
  • You do not have to submit GRE Scores for the combined BA/MA Program.


  • The BA/MA requires a total of 140 credits (104 undergraduate and 36 graduate level credits or their equivalents) minimum.
  • MA/Graduate courses can not meet any BA requirements if they are also fulfilling requirements for the MA.  These can count toward the total credits for graduation with a BA. 
  • Upon completion of all requirements, you will be awarded both the BA and MA degrees.
  • If  you do not choose to complete the entire program, or do not have the required GPA to be awarded an MA degree, a student may choose to apply appropriate graduate credits toward the BA degree.

For more information on completion requirements, visit the MA Program in Applied Sociology web page.