• Could you tell me a little bit about what the program's mission is and what the expectations within the program are?

    To train students interested in public health and social justice to become applied researchers, pursue doctoral work, or work in the fields of counseling and counseling administration.
  • I'm interested in gender studies, women and work, crime and deviance, and violence. I can see that the faculty has a number of interests that correspond to mine. I noticed that the program has specialty courses in a number of focuses, including criminology/corrections and social policy/evaluation research. Would there be flexibility in my coursework to explore my other inter-disciplinary interests, such as gender?

    Yes. Of the 36 credits required to complete the MA Program in Applied Sociology, 9 credits can come from pre-approved courses outside of sociology. We also offer a 3-6 credit fieldwork placement and a 3 credit independent study.
  • Are the majority of students able to receive stipends/assistantships? I'm particularly interested in the research assistantships and how many of those are offered and what they focus on.

    Qualified MA Program in Applied Sociology students receive teaching and research assistantships from 5 to 20 hours a week, a tuition credit, and a stipend.
  • Do most students complete the program in two years? I'm interested in working at my current job as a data analysis research assistant while I go to school. Is there an option to complete the program part-time?

    All students in the MA Program in Applied Sociology are part-time. The vast majority of students are employed outside of the university. Most students complete the program in two years, unless they elect to pursue the thesis option.