Could you tell me a little bit about what the program's mission is and what the expectations within the program are?
To help student's understand the social forces that shape their world with practical training in research methods, statistics, and evaluation research. The applied focus of the department integrates research approaches and coursework that emphasize faculty core strengths in medical sociology, criminology, urban sociology, race, gender, immigration, and social psychology.
Are the majority of students able to receive stipends/assistantships? I'm particularly interested in the research assistantships and how many of those are offered and what they focus on.
Some MA students are offered assistantship funding if funds are available. This is not guaranteed. However, we are committed to alleviating the financial burden of tuition and expenses involved with attaining a graduate degree and work very hard to offer as much funding as possible.
Do most students complete the program in two years? I'm interested in working at my current job as a data analysis research assistant while I go to school. Is there an option to complete the program part-time?
Students in the MA Program in Applied Sociology are both full and part-time. Many are employed outside of the university. Most students complete the program in two years, unless they elect to pursue the thesis option.