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Resources at UMass Boston

Graduate students at UMass Boston have access to a wide range of computer resources for statistical calculation, document preparation, and multimedia applications. A Graduate Research Computer Lab offers state-of-the-art computing, with CD/RW capabilities, digital cameras, and oversize graphics printers. Other campus labs offer Windows-based PCs and MACs with a range of software and high-speed Internet access. The Department of Sociology maintains several PCs for graduate student use in offices assigned to Graduate Assistants, but all graduate students are expected to have a computer for their own use at home.

The University’s Healey Library provides online reference access to the social science journal literature and many other reference databases. In addition to its own journal and book holdings, the library provides student access to academic libraries throughout the Boston area through the Boston Library Consortium. Students have access to data in the holdings of the Interuniversity Consortium on Political and Social Research, including the General Social Survey, the World Values Survey, election surveys, surveys of  inmates, observations of plea bargaining, records of Massachusetts court cases, and much else.

Many Sociology faculty are leaders in professional associations in sociology, criminology, substance abuse, and health. Our graduate students often participate and/or present papers in conferences of these associations. Some graduate students work with faculty on research projects and co-author articles that are published in professional journals. In addition, program faculty maintain ongoing research and service ties with Boston-area agencies and organizations involved in community development, criminology, dispute resolution, health care, homelessness, and other areas. Graduate students may be able to use these ties to develop research and employment opportunities.

Online Resources

Graduate Sociology Student Association

The Graduate Sociology Student Association's (GSSA) mission is to enrich student involvement across all aspects of university life. Members achieve this through service projects, social gatherings, and peer support. Past events and activities include:

  • Volunteering with the Prison Book Program
  • Assisting with Boston's Homeless Census
  • Raising funds through Project Bread's Walk for Hunger
  • Providing campus tours and orientation information for new students
  • Hosting dinners and social get-togethers for members of the Sociology Graduate Program

The GSSA is recognized member of the UMass Boston Graduate Student Assembly.