PhD in Sociology

The Doctoral Program is an innovative approach to sociology and its' application to resolving national and international issues. Taught by faculty actively engaged in research and advocacy, students will be prepared for academic careers as well as for leadership roles as applied sociologists in public / private agencies and research organizations. See our faculty listing for research activity and specializations.  

The program is heavily grounded in research methodology and students engage in detailed study of theory, methodology and statistics as well as their own individual areas of focus. Doctoral students will find a community of scholars and numerous opportunities to work collaboratively with each other and with faculty through conference presentations, journal articles and fieldwork. The Fact Sheet provides more detailed information.  

All PhD students:

  1. Complete a core set of courses in social theory and research methods
  2. Complete comprehensive exams.
  3. Write and defend an original doctoral dissertation.
To learn more about the PhD Program in Sociology and to schedule a phone or in-person appointment:
Dr. Andrea Leverentz, Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor,