Graduate Certificate in Survey Research

This 15-credit graduate certificate program is designed for survey research professionals working in the academic, governmental, nonprofit, and commercial research sectors. The program's focus is balanced to give students an appreciation of the theoretical foundations of survey methodology and proficiency in practical aspects of survey design. Core courses introduce students to the major areas of the field of survey research:  sampling; data collection methods; question writing and questionnaire design; question evaluation and pretesting; post-survey processing; and analysis. Elective courses allow students to learn about specific topics of interest and receive hands-on experience in the field.

Students can enroll in either the concentration within the graduate program in sociology or in the freestanding post-baccalaureate certificate program.


Four 3-credit core courses and three more credits in electives.

All four of the following:

Three credits of the following:

  • SOCIOL 655:  Evaluation Research
  • SOCIOL 652:  Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • SOCIOL 663:  Survey Experiments
  • SOCIOL 664:  Practicum in Survey Research Techniques
  • SOCIOL 665:  New Techniques in Survey Data Collection
  • SOCIOL TBD:  Theory and Practice of Interviewing
  • SOCIOL TBD:  Internship in Survey Research
  • SOCIOL TBD:  Designing Internet Surveys

Coursework is designed to be completed in either a single year, including a summer session, or over the course of two years. These two options allow students flexibility in scheduling around full-time employment or graduate degree requirements.  Students enrolling in the Graduate Certificate will have priority in registering for required courses.  


Courses are taught by faculty from the Department of Sociology and research staff from the UMass Boston Center for Survey Research. 

Philip S. Brenner, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Survey Research
Director, Graduate Certificate Program in Survey Research

Keith Bentele, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Floyd J. Fowler, PhD
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Survey Research

Anthony Roman, MA
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Survey Research

Russell K. Schutt, PhD
Professor, Department of Sociology

Reef Youngreen, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Admission and Completion Requirements

Applicants must possess a BA in a social science or related field. Four 3-credit core courses and three more credits in electives are required to receive the graduate certificate. For full information on admission and completion requirements, contact Nicolette Salerno, Graduate Program Coordinator ( or Philip Brenner, Program Director (